Shower Tile Regrouting and Caulking Services

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Shower tile regrouting and restoration services can make moldy, disgusting bathing areas sparkle like new again!

Do you need your Shower or Tub Surround Regrouted or do you just need some grout filled in?

Q. What is "Regrouting"?
A. Regrouting is a procedure where all of the grout, between each tile, is removed by individually scraping out each grout line. This is followed by replacing the old grout, with new stain-resistant grout. We also remove and replace the caulk and leave your shower/tub surround looking as new as possible.

Tiled showers can provide many years of satisfaction when properly cleaned and maintained. However, the majority of showers encounter problems ranging from mild mold and missing cracked grout to the need for replacement due to rotting walls. Most of these problems are caused by improper maintenance – namely unsealed grout which lets water penetrate through and escape to the backside of the tile and uncaulked seams. When the shower is used regularly, the walls stay damp from this water which promotes mold and mildew growth and dry rot. The unhealthy mold and wall rot tend to go unnoticed because they are hidden behind the tile. Yet there are usually signs of it like uncleanable mold, wall bowing, missing grout and cracking, paint bubbling or even a distinct mold smell. Surface cleaning or new caulk does not address the problem and the damage and growth behind the wall only continue. Many times that moldy look will not clean because it is deep inside the grout or on the backside of the caulk. In fact, using aggressive cleaners with acids or bleach only make the problem worse as they make the grout more porous and will wear grout lines down over time.

Most people don't even realize that shower regrouting is even an option. Over time, the grout in a shower or tub surround often becomes worn, damaged or stained beyond any level of professional grout cleaning, leaving your beautiful bathing area looking old, dingy and moldy. When this occurs, Grout Kleen can quickly and easily remove old damaged grout and replace the grout. Regrouting along with a fresh bead of caulk can make your shower or tub surround look as new as the day it was installed.

The shower tile regrouting and replacing grout process includes the removal of the existing unsanded grout between the tiles as well as the removal of the caulk. We then clean and sanitize the surface of the tile. After that has dried, it is time to install the new grout along with a special additive that will make the grout stain-resistant and never needs to be sealed. Using a high powered air mover, the grout is dried and tiles get buffed to remove any residue left behind. The final step is to install the new white or bone silicone caulk.

Our shower tile regrouting and restoration service can get that clean look again and more importantly stop water penetration by properly replacing the grout on the walls, sealing the grout and caulking the seams, when needed. Our regrouting and restoration technique is the most professional and best way to regrout. Our process will not only improve the appearance of your kitchen counter, vanity top, shower stall or tub surround, but it will ensure a beautiful finish for years to come. We only use quality proven materials and our workmanship is the best there is. After the regrouting and restoration is complete, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the results.

Benefits of Regrouting and Restoration

  • Price - Your tiled shower can look new again for a fraction of the cost of retiling
  • Time - Most regrouts are finished in 1 day
  • Convenience - Regrouting can done with much less down-time, than renovating.
  • Presentation - Before putting your home on the market, make sure it is ready to be seen. A well presented property can add thousands $$ to the selling price, sell quicker and appeal to a broader range of buyers.

Don't replace your shower, REGROUT IT

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