Regrouting Bathroom Floor Tile

regrouting floor tile with unsanded grout

Grout Kleen specializes in regrouting floor tile due to faulty and dirty unsanded grout.

Regrouting floor tile is a process that will dramatically improve the appearance of a tiled floor at a fraction of the cost of replacing the tiles. Avoid the cost of ripping out your floor tile because the grout is dirty or dingy looking. As long as the tile is still in good shape, not broken, loose or cracked, and the grout is unsanded, regrouting floor tile is the answer. After all, your tile is not the problem, the grout is.
We can help you save money and time at a fraction of the cost of tile replacement. By keeping the original tile and regrouting floor tile, you can have that fresh, new clean floor and increase the value of your property without inconveniencing your lifestyle or your pocketbook.
Grout Kleen can breathe new life into your tile by mechanically removing and replacing dirty, worn-out grout with a flexible mold and stain-resistant grout. This improves the appearance and functionality of your tiled area and saves you the expense and mess of re-tiling.

An affordable alternative of re-tiling is simply regrouting the tiles leaving clean sparkling tiled areas. The grout removal process is quite simple and downtime is only around 24-hours and that includes replacing all the grout in the floor.
In order to protect your tiles for the future, the new grout is treated to help it repel stains and look good for years to come.

Benefits of Regrouting

  • Price - Your tiled floor can look new again for a fraction of the cost of retiling
  • Time - Most regrouts are in, out and finished in 1 day
  • Convenience - Regrouting can done with much less down-time
  • Environment - In this disposable society, why strip and replace a structurally sound tiled area to end up in land fill? A simple make-over will bring it up looking as new!
  • Presentation - Pre Sale - A well presented property can add thousands $$ to the selling price, sell quicker and appeal to a broader range of buyers.

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Do not replace your tile, REGROUT!

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