Grout Color Restoration Sealer

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Are you constantly struggling to keep your grout clean?

Grout Kleen's exclusive Color Restoration Sealer will not only protect your newly installed or restored grout from staining but will also change grout color completely.

Our Color Restoration Sealer will restore your grout to like-new condition. As a matter of fact, it will be even better than new! After our color restoration sealer process restores your discolored grout, it will be completely water-proof and stain-proof. The sealer fills in the microscopic pores of the grout leaving a water-tight, stain resistant durable layer of protection. We can even change the color of the existing grout without the messy removal.

For grout that is protected with our Color Restoration Sealer, you wont have to worry about dirt and spills because they are unable to penetrate the surface of the grout and are easily cleaned away. Even spills left to dry on the sealer are easily removed with our neutral cleaner. Don't take that to mean color sealed grout is self-cleaning though. Homeowners need to care for and maintain their sealed grout for the product to work properly and last. It is important to have us back every 12-24 months to do a maintenance cleaning and inspection of the color sealed grout. This will prolong the life of the sealer as well as keep the warranty in tact.

Seal It And Forget It! Newly installed unsealed grout is exposed to staining and discoloration right away. Grout is very porous and without some sort of protection will start to discolor within weeks after cleaning or installation. Our Color Restoration Sealer will protect your investment right from the start and with the proper maintenance, can last the lifetime of the floor.

Not satisfied with the current grout color? Grout Kleen can change grout color without costly, messy re-grouting. Our exclusive Color Restoration Sealer can change grout color to almost any color imaginable. If you’ve recently renovated or changed the color scheme in your kitchen, this process is the most economical choice to having the grout color changed, all at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Color Restoration Sealer Warranty Our Color Restoration Sealer comes with a warranty provided enroll in our Annual Maintenance Cleaning Program and you perform the recommended daily maintenance program. With proper maintenance and care, this sealer could easily last the life of the tiled floor. The Color Restoration Sealer will provide a uniform grout color and, when maintained correctly, dirt will easily be removed from the sealed grout surface. The protection will help keep grout looking clean and new by repelling dirt and common household spills. While it offers a durable stain-resistant coating, use of harsh cleaners or abrasives will diminish the life of the KleenSeal protection and void the warranty. Some things may permanently discolor or damage the sealer i.e. nail polish, waxes, dyes, paint and other harsh chemicals. In the event of a defect in materials, we will replace or repair the defect at no cost to the homeowner. For more information, visit our warranty page

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Color Restoration System F.A.Q.

Q – Will your color sealer keep my grout from getting dirty?
A – Most definitely! Our Color Restoration Sealer provides a water-tight, stain resistant durable layer of protection. And with it’s with its fungicides, bactericides and mildicides (mildew killers) built right in, it insures sanitation for many years.

Q – Do I have to use special cleaners on my color stained grout?
A - Yes, it is recommended to use a pH Neutral Tile & Stone Cleaner. Many bathroom and kitchen chemicals, which may be high in alkaline or acid, will not only strip the dirt but also the sealer.

Q – How long does color sealer last?
A - As long as you perform the recommended daily maintenance and agree to our Annual Maintenance Cleaning Program your Color Sealed grout will last the lifetime of your floor.

Q – Is it expensive?
A - It is more expensive than conventional clear sealers due to product cost and the labor involved in its application. But, if you consider its ease of maintenance and durability, it is a better value over clear sealers. Also, it is far less expensive than re-grouting.

Q – How is it different from a Clear Penetrating Sealer?
A - A Clear Sealer sits just below the surface of the grout, preventing staining, but is not very effective for preventing soiling. Our Grout Color Restoration Sealer not only penetrates the grout, but also coats it, providing superior protection against both staining and soiling, while retaining the texture and appearance or your grout.

Q – How do I maintain my grout after you apply the Color Restoration Sealer?
A - Like we said, maintenance is snap. Visit for more information

Q – How is this different than grout paint?
A - Color Restoration Sealer goes by many names such as grout paint, grout colorant, grout stain, painting the grout, etc. The meanings are the same but the products are not. Our exclusive product is professional grade and not available in stores.

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