Clear Sealer for Grout

Clear Grout Sealers help to prevent the absorption of organic compounds into the grout line

Grout Sealer

Clear penetrating sealers provide some stain protection and oil and water repellency

This means you have a short time to clean up spills before they absorbs in and leave a permanent stain. Even with regular mopping, unprotected grout can look dirty and uneven in color. Very soon the appearance of your beautifully tiled floor is marred by unsightly grout lines. When grout is new and unstained, it should be protected. The clear grout sealer is applied to clean, dry grout. Clear sealers are actually removed from grout, slowly over time as the floor is cleaned.
To be fully effective they should be applied, at least, annually.


Q – Why should I seal my grout?
- Grout is porous and this causes it to absorb water, oils, soils and food. Who would want the lingering odor of barbecue pork ribs hanging around on their floors for weeks, let alone looking like a Salvador Dali painting as it starts to spread out and grow? The presence of these organic contaminates ultimately leads to the growth of mold and mildew, living organisms important on earth, but certainly not in your house. Clear Grout Sealers help to prevent the absorption of organic compounds into the grout line. Keeping your floors clean can save a lot of money in the long run.

Q – Will the sealer keep my grout from getting dirty?
- No, it will not. The purpose of the clear sealer is to protect the grout from staining in order to allow the grout to be cleaned in the future, as normal wear of the surface causes it to become dirty again. Without the sealer your grout will suffer stubborn staining, even with normal traffic. And then it could be impossible to get it looking right, or smelling right, ever again.

Q – Do I have to use special cleaners on my sealed grout?
- Yes, it is recommended to use a Neutral Cleaner. Caustic bathroom and kitchen chemicals, which may be high in alkaline or acid, will not only strip the dirt but also the sealer.

Q – How long do sealers last?
- Manufacturers tell us anywhere from three to twenty- two years. This would be under perfect conditions — not representative of most floors or walls. You have to walk all over your floors, after all. Everything on your shoes or feet or that you drop, or what your pets bring in, ends up on the floor. The life of the grout will vary depending upon wear, maintenance practices and the effects of the cleaners being used. The Ceramic Tile Council of America recommends sealing your floors once a year, as tiles breathe, thereby opening microscopic fissures in the grout.

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