Anti Slip Treatment for Slippery Tile Floors

Slippery tile floor fix

Why do you need an anti slip treatment for your floors?

Over a billion dollars a year is spent in payouts for negligence suits filed due to deaths and injuries caused by slip and fall accidents. At the office and even in your own house, hard flooring presents an obvious risk when it becomes wet, it gets slippery! Having non slip floors is no longer optional. Slippery floors are a liability you cannot ignore. That is where our anti slip treatment service comes in. By having Grout Kleen treat your tiled surfaces, we can reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents which will protect you and/or your employees from injury and protect your business from any potential liability.

Prevent slip and fall accidents

Grout Kleen can reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents on slippery tile floors when they become wet. Slip and Fall accidents are the leading category of serious injuries each year in businesses, commercial buildings, and in homes. Our anti slip surface treatment can be used by Restaurants, Hotels, Commercial Building, Shopping Malls, Banks, Apartments, Convention Centers, Hospitals, Stadiums and much more.
Our process creates a microscopic texture on the surface of the tile to improve traction while minimizing slippery conditions on wet surfaces. It is done through an etching process. It's invisible! You cannot see or feel it when it is dry, but when it becomes wet it is absolutely slip proof. We can treat the surface of ceramic and porcelain tile, quarry tile, fiberglass tubs and showers.
It is not a coating so it won't wear off and one application lasts the life of the floor or other surface it is applied to.